The 2017 UK Glow worm Survey Report Form

Thanks very much for helping the survey! From 2017 we are using a new report form, produced for the UK Glow-worm Survey by the Biological Records Centre using the iRecord system which is widely used for wildlife reporting. It gathers the same information as our previous form, but offers help in finding the exact location where you saw the glow worms. Existing iRecord users may log in, but registration is not necessary.

Seen one in your garden?
If you are reporting a glow-worm site on private land, such as your own garden, please still give the exact position, but you can 'blur' the location in the Sensitivity box so that the exact spot will not be publicly viewable. We suggest blurring to 1 km.


If you are used to our previous form, or prefer to send your report by post, please click here.

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